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Kelvin Energy Building Information Modelling (BIM) Strategy

Published 04.11.2014
Kelvin Energy in its role as a Designer and Consultant to the power industry is continually looking for ways to develop and improve the services they offer.
As the construction industry shifts towards Building Information Modelling Kelvins have developed a strategy to allow the full integration of information within projects ensuring they can coordinate seamlessly with Clients and third parties.
Building information modelling is part of the government objective to reduce capital and carbon costs from the construction and operation of the built environment by 20%.
The in-house Civils, Electrical Layouts and Substation Structures teams within Kelvin Energy are able to offer a fully integrated design solution which can incorporate detailed information from all disciplines in one intelligent model. This can also accommodate the wide ranging client and third party design information and constraints specific to a project.
This intelligent model approach to design ensures that changes throughout the course of the project are carried through to all disciplines and all information relating to a project can be stored in one place.
The intelligent models created by Kelvins can be thought of as virtual prototypes to allow any aspect of a design to be simulated and assessed before it is built.
This enables us to understand the design more fully and at a much earlier stage of the project than previous methods.
These models can be developed further to control Life-Cycle costs of a project by inputting cost, quantity, and maintenance details into the intelligent models and allowing the virtual prototype to contain all necessary details in one convenient place.
Whilst the 3D model will offer a much more user friendly interface it is the information contained within these models that will offer the greatest improvements as information management is the key to a viable BIM strategy.

For more information on Kelvins BIM strategy please contact the design team on enquiries@kelvinccl.com

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