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Kelvin Power-Lifting

Published 28.01.2016

Keeping fit and healthy is always on most people’s agendas but typically the time factor always gets in the way. After a hard day’s work a separate journey to go to a spin class, or go swimming or go the gym is often the last thing on people’s minds.

Towards the end of 2014 we decided to install a gym at the office to make better use of some surplus office space we inherited when we expanded to larger premises. The Kelvins Gym has now been in use for over 12 months and we have been amazed with the positive feedback our team give us regarding the gym.

Initially we did not think the gym would be seen as such a big perk for the Kelvins team, but we were proven wrong. We invested in some good quality equipment, but with a bias towards barbell training rather than the more commercial gym cardio based set up. Almost everyone wanted to get inducted so we hired a qualified personal trainer and got people trained on the main barbell lifts as well as the more standard induction topics like how to use a spin bike. Before long everyone was squatting, deadlifting and bench-pressing with great enthusiasm!

Barbell exercises are more commonly associated with Olympic weightlifting or powerlifting which is in turn associated with elite athletes lifting huge weights. This did not seem to put people off at the Kelvin Gym as all shapes and sizes embraced the new equipment and people embarked on the own programmes with groups training before work, at lunch and after work.

We are pleased to see that the training levels have continued for well over a year now and people are keeping healthy strong and fit with the gym conveniently being incorporated into most people’s daily routine. We may even hold an annual powerlifting meet……

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From left to right: Bogdan Butkovic, Carlota Riesco, Marta Kostrzycka, Tracey Bown, Beatriz Sanz Moreno, Vasanth Chelliah and Adam Williams
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