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The Evolution of the Kelvin Brand

Published 28.01.2016

The original Kelvin company was called Kelvin Construction Co Ltd and dated back to the 1960s. The logo was based upon the Kelvingrove Bridge in Glasgow a famous engineering and architectural land mark of the city. The bowstring design is clearly honoured in the logo. The name Kelvingrove derives from the river Kelvin over which the bridge spans and there are many Kelvin references in Glasgow such as Kelvinside, Kelvindale, and Kelvinhall.


At that time the company was more associated with the construction of commercial buildings in England and Scotland and it was just starting to get involved in power station design and supply of structures overseas. In the early 1970’s Kelvin became part of the Hawker Siddeley Group providing support to the wider business of developing global turnkey power projects.

Kelvin Structures was formed following Kelvin’s exit from Hawker Siddeley in 1983 and by that time the company specialised in the design and supply of steel structures with offices in Glasgow and London. Operations scaled down so that by the early 1990’s there was only the London office left and eventually that closed in 1995.

In late 1995 the com pany was reformed with a new base in the east midlands and it retained the original name and logo and primarily serviced the substation and rail industries designing and supplying structural steelwork.
By 2011, to reflect the increasing amount of renewable energy work that Kelvins were involved with a rebranding exercise was undertaken and the company changed its name to Kelvin Energy. The new logo captured the theoretical flow of energy with the swishes interlocking. The new name and branding worked well for the company and we were able to expand further and provide many more services to the renewable energy sector, in particular civil engineering consultancy services. This also led to the establishment of an office in Perth to better service the continuing work being won in Scotland associated with renewable energy.

A further rebranding exercise was undertaken in 2016 to reflect the changing dynamics and growth of the company. By 2015 the company had two distinct business streams being the design and supply of steel and aluminium structures on the one hand and the provision of engineering and management consultancy services on the other hand. Both work areas did have synergies and we were able to service our clients’ needs extremely well by offering these two complimentary services. It was decided to divide the company into two distinct offerings however to bring the company more inline with a formal corporate structure and to promote future growth and marketing opportunities, and so Kelvin Power Structures and Kelvin Power Consultants were born. The changes have been seamless and clients still enjoy the benefit of an integrated substation project offering combining our strong background in HV layouts, civils and substation structures. The name change to “Power” marked a recognition that the company was servicing the wider Power sector and not just projects associated with renewable energy.

We are always committed to looking for opportunities to improve and modernise our business and our recent rebranding is a good example of that commitment.

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